Vac Services

Oil Water Separator Clean-Out

WasteXpress can provide you with top of the line vacuum services. We offer a variety of vac equipment capacities from 500 gallon vac units for smaller jobs, 80 barrel (3000 gal.) trucks for medium jobs, and 130 barrel (5000-6000 gal.) trucks for larger projects. We can also provide super vacuum or vacuum box equipment for specific projects. Our knowledgeable project managers will help determine the specifications of the job and then identify which piece of equipment is best suited to maximize loads and minimize costs.

Vacuum trucks proficiently pump and haul liquid or semi-solid waste from tanks, other trucks, oil water separator, and sumps. WasteXpress maintains a fleet of trailers, and contracts trucks from the best vendors across the Northwest. The strategic location of our facility and vendor locations ensure that our service is not far from your facility.

We handle a large variety of liquids and semi-solids comprising:

  • Non-Hazardous Wastewater
  • Flammable Liquid
  • Class 9 Waste
  • Corrosives
  • Oils
  • Oily Sludges
  • Toxics

“Want to learn more about how WasteXpress can assist with your project? Contact one our Project Managers today at (855)224-3206 (Seattle) or (503)224-3206 (Portland).”

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