Professionally Managed Project

WasteXpress Project Management teams have extensive experience in permanently removing hazardous, non hazardous, landfill, and dangerous materials from the environment minimizing the effect on public health and safety.

Our turnkey services ensure customers that we are a one-stop environmental contractor with an exceptional record for reliability.

Professionally Managed Project



Site Decontamination:

WasteXpress Site Decontamination Services Include:

  • Lab Packing
  • Demolition of Structures
  • Asbestos and Lead Disposal
  • Recycling Scrap Materials
  • Waste Minimization
  • Entire Facility/Building Decontaminations
  • Transportation and Disposal
  • Heavy Metal and Chemical Decontamination
  • PCB and Oil Decontamination
  • Individual Chemical Tanks
  • RCRA Closure of Hazardous Waste Storage Areas

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Decommissioning:

We have the expert experience and tools for removing liquids, decontaminating, and removing underground storage tanks. Along with tank removal and decontamination, we will also dispose or treat any contaminated soil.

Excavation and Removal:

Our heavy equipment operator’s possess the expertise for precision evacuation of contaminated materials and soils. Excavation and Removal are key fundamental priorities for contaminated soil and media remediation. Once removed, evacuated material is contained in proper DOT shipping containers and shipped off for disposal or treatment.


Solidification/stabilization (S/S) methods are similar to binding the pollutants in the soil. The binding process physically encapsulates the contaminant. This technique can be used alone or combined with other treatment and disposal methods. Non-organic metal contaminants, which can leachate in soils, may potentially be stabilized by introducing cementations or using polysilicate technology to treat the soil. This process can possibly allow soils to be brought into compliance with the regulatory standards for land disposal.

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