Out-of-Date Inventory Disposal

Out of date, expired, and return inventory is a problem that a retailer, manufacturer, lab, and numerous other businesses run into on an annual basis. Over the course of a year many miscellaneous waste materials can be accumulated by an average business. Some examples may be: latex paint, oil based paint, aerosol cans, soy based ink, caulk tubes, alkaline batteries, light bulbs, epoxy, cleaners, and oxidizers. Most often, these types of materials cannot be thrown into your normal trash.

WasteXpress has designed a very easy and cost effective method to manage and dispose of these unwanted inventories. We call it the Conditional Exempt Generator Program (CEG). This streamlined program results in reducing our customer’s disposal and regulatory costs. The CEG program may be utilized by those persons or businesses that generate no more than 220 lbs of hazardous waste per month or accumulate no more than 2200 lbs at one time. WasteXpress field technicians will take a thorough inventory of each waste stream, prorate each by the gallon, package per DOT and RCRA regulation, and remove the waste from your work site.Your business will be left with a clean site and complete documentation to support proper waste disposal.

WasteXpress is a licensed waste hauler, fully insured and bonded, a registered Oregon contractor.

If your business exceeds the CEG weight limits, WasteXpress account representatives are available to assist with the proper document preparation to ensure that all RCRA and DEQ reporting requirements are met. Interested in learning more from a member of our highly trained staff?

Contact us today at (855) 224-3206 (Seattle) or (503) 224-3206 (Portland).

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