Customer Education

If you have waste materials and don’t know how to properly dispose, reduce, recycle, or reuse them don’t worry, WasteXpress is here to help.

WasteXpress prides itself on educating our current and potential customers. Whether it is analyzing material safety data sheets, collecting samples for analysis, or conducting on-site investigations, we have the people to solve your problems. Our project managers are available to do a waste assessment and assist your organization to generate a waste management plan to help reduce the quantity of waste your company generates. Our ultimate goal is to have a clean and green environment for future generations by adding the use of green products and recycling as many waste streams as possible.

WasteXpress stands by the concept that knowledge is the greatest tool in minimizing our own and a customer’s global footprint. Our staff is available to answer questions and provide assistance regarding environmental compliance, changes to regulations, and new innovative techniques to managing your waste streams. We routinely help companies run more effectively, with minor changes to their process, resulting in lowering their EPA generator status and reducing their overall waste disposal costs.

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